Septic Tank Additive - 1 YR Supply

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Septic Tank Additive - 1 YR Supply

Bacterial septic tank additive boosts biological activity in your septic system.  Comes with (12) - 2 ounce, flushable, water soluble packets.

Applications:  Properties that use large amounts of water, medications, and cleaners.  Especially helpful for care facilities, restaurants, and taverns.  It can also, extend the life of your drain area, improves drain field percolation, keeps sewer and water lines open - preventing drain blockage, neutralizes detergent bleach, and will not attack plastic or metal plumbing.

Instructions:  Place one water soluble packet in a toilet and simply flush.  Repeat this once per month for residential applications, and weekly for commercial applications. Includes a calendar on the lid of the storage box, once the application is applied, you can keep track by marking off each time you use a packet.