Eco-Me Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Herbal Mint - 32 oz. Septic Safe and All Natural

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Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Herbal Mint

Eco Me are all natural cleaning products with food grade and plant based ingredients. Eco Me cleaning products are septic safe and earth friendly. There are not any sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or harmful preservatives in the Eco Me products.  The toilet bowl cleaner is capable of handling all forms of dirt, grease, and grime.  Lightly Scented with essential oils of peppermint and lemongrass.

This toilet bowl cleaner made with plant derived cleaners and plant essential oils is strong enough for tough jobs with antibacterial properties.

Main Ingredients are: Water, Coconut derived soap, Baking Soda, Vegetable derived thickener, Xanthan Gum, Plant Essential Oils.

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