Case of Eco-Me All Natural Hand Soap / 6 - 20 oz Buy by the case and save!

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Case of Eco-Me Hand Soap / 6 - 20 oz
Choose  Herbal Mint, Citrus Berry, Lavender or Fragrance-Free. Cannot mix and match, must be one fragrance per case.

Eco-Me are septic safe and all natural cleaning products with food grade and plant based ingredients.  There are no sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or harmful preservatives in the Eco-Me products.  The plant derived soaps from Eco-Me help keep our water ways safe, the plant essential oils have antibacterial properties, and hand soaps triclosan free.

The Eco-Me hand soap is a thick foaming hand soap that cleans and moisturizes with plant extracts.  

Main Ingredients are: Water, Coconut oil soap, Olive Oil Soap, Jojoba Oil Soap, Rosemary Oil Extract, Aloe, Plant Based Solubilizer, Vegetable Glycerin, Plant Essential Oils.

Includes 6 - 20 oz bottles with pump top.

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