Top 4 Laundry Myths Unmasked

Top 4 Laundry Myths Unmasked

21st May 2020

If you have been doing laundry for many...many years, like myself, you probably have heard of at least one, if not all of the myths I'm about to list off. I will admit, I have fallen victim to believing every single one of them and I'm coping with that, but there's still hope for you! The way you do your laundry may have been inherited by your parents when they finally put their foot down and started making you wash your own smelly socks, but you just may learn today that you have been doing your laundry wrong all along. Get ready to have your mind blown!   

Myth # 1 - More Detergent = More Clean.  This may seem to make sense, want something cleaner, use more of the cleaning stuff. In actuality, using more detergent could cause your clothing to be worse off then they were going in. Using more then the suggested amount of detergent will produce more suds which can then cause soil to be redeposited on to your clothing. Stick with the suggested amounts, more is not better my friends.

Myth # 2 - The Dryer Is The Culprit To Shrinking.   Ever wash a shirt, dry it and it comes out small enough to fit your adorable pup Mr. Wiggles? And who's to blame for this unwanted transformation? THE DRYER OF COURSE! Now, before you go making your dryer a punching bag (don't do this, it will hurt), you should know that the dryer is not the sole culprit. All fabrics and materials react differently to heat and may require specific drying instructions.So if your not wanting to give Mr. Wiggles anymore of your cute sweaters, take clothing articles suspect to shrinkage out of the dryer when damp and let air dry or tumble on very low heat to avoid over drying/shrinking. Always follow washing and drying instructions on clothing labels.

Myth # 3 - The Hotter The Water The More Germs Killed.  This one also seems pretty legit, but in reality cold water will do just as good of a job as hot water would when it comes to demolishing germs and bacteria. Unless your washing machine uses water exceeding 165+ degrees Fahrenheit, there's a very good chance everything wasn't washed away and even at high temps, some germs and bacteria can still survive. Using hot water means higher energy cost also, so if they both come very close to doing the same job, save a few bucks, switch to cold water and use a disinfectant additive like bleach when possible. The drying process will also help reduce germs and bacteria left behind during the washing process.. 

Myth # 4 - There's No Need To Wash A Washing Machine.  It's washing all the time why would I need to clean it? Residue, chemicals and minerals from detergents and softeners, get left behind every time you run a load of laundry through your machine. These eventually build up and can cause clogging, bacteria growth and odors. Eventually these will start transferring to your clothes and nobody wants to be the well dressed yet Stinky Stanley everyone is avoiding in the break room. Take a few minutes every couple months and give your machine a good cleaning, you wont regret it. 

So were you surprised by any of these? Do you know of any interesting myths of the laundry room that you have busted? Share your story with us on our FACEBOOK page, we would love to hear from you!