Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Frost Blanket This Winter

Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Frost Blanket This Winter

7th Jan 2016

Be prepared for the blast of arctic air that Minnesota is sure to experience this winter season. One way to do so is to purchase a frost blanket this winter, available on our store beginning early fall every year. While you may have heard of using such an apparatus in an effort to protect your plants, fruits and vegetables from an unexpected freeze, they also provide a valuable service when it comes to keeping your septic system in good working order.

1. Guard against frost and freezing

Many septic systems are not buried down deep enough to protect them against the possibility of freezing during the long and harsh Minnesota winters. This can result in them becoming frozen, rendering them unusable. This could mean that you will see a backup of sewage into your home during some of the most challenging weather conditions when the area is already shut down.

2. Sheds rain, holds snow

Ground that is saturated by autumn rain is more likely to experience a freeze when the frigid temperatures of winter hit. Using a frost blanket on top of your septic tank and leach fields means that this rain is shed off effortlessly, protecting the integrity of the soil beneath it. During the winter snows, a frost blanket helps improve the insulating properties of snow, increasing the chances that it will not freeze during this time.

3. Protects against costly damage

A frozen septic system is not an unheard-of occurrence in this part of the country. Damage caused by this can mean that you have to fork out hundreds -- or even thousands -- of dollars in repair costs. Using straw as a covering material gives you less protection against a freeze and leaves you with a giant mess to clean up in the spring. Frost blankets are staked to the ground, ensuring stable coverage all winter long.

Wexco Septic Safe Products offers frost blankets that allow you to rest easy this winter. You will be able to weather the harsh conditions of winter by using a frost blanket.