Tips for Picking the Best Septic-Safe Products

Tips for Picking the Best Septic-Safe Products

21st May 2020

You cannot use the same products in a septic system that you can when you are on a sewer system. This is because many of those products can cause your septic tank to degrade, harm your leach field, or clog or fill the tank up. Over the past decade, more manufacturers have become aware of the demand for septic-safe products and are now making them. But this can leave consumers wondering how they know which are the best. Here are a few tips for picking the best septic-safe products.

The Product is Listed as Septic-Friendly

When you are looking for the best septic-safe products, look for products that are labeled as being septic friendly or safe for septic tanks and/or systems. Many people get confused and think that environmentally friendly or green products are always safe for their system, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. If a product is not specifically labeled as being safe for your septic system, you may want to pass it by.

Avoid Antibacterial Products

When you are picking products to use when you have a septic system, avoid products that say they kill germs and bacteria. This includes items that you wash your hands with or wipe down your counters with. Septic systems rely on bacteria and enzymes to break down all of the items you put into your septic system. Antibacterial products not only kill the germs on your hands and countertops, they get washed down your sink and into your septic system, where they will kill the bacteria in your tank. As such, they are a major item to avoid if you have a septic system.

Trial and Error

The last tip for picking the best septic-safe products is to simply try various ones out. Reading reviews online and asking for recommendations can be helpful. But no two households are the same. You may have different needs than someone else, and you may like different scents or fragrances. As such, you may need to give different products a whirl and see what products work best for your needs and which you prefer.