The Septic Tank Do Not Flush Checklist

The Septic Tank Do Not Flush Checklist

21st May 2020

Some things were simply not designed to go into your septic tank. To go one step further, some items will downright destroy your septic tank and cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Below is our checklist of items that should never be flushed down the toilet. These items will only clog up or hurt your septic tank.

Feminine Products. Regardless of what they’re made of (a combination of cotton and rayon), feminine products should never be flushed into the septic system. It can take them months to decompose.

Cooking Grease.If you’ve seen grease cool down, then you know that it turns into a gel and eventually hardens. This hardening substance can line the walls of your septic tank and even block the openings. It can also prohibit good bacteria from breaking down the substance. Eventually, you’ll need a grease trap additive to stimulate the regrowth of bacteria in the system.

Wipes. They used to be called baby wipes. Now adults use them, and they’re lethal. Although some companies are now making ‘flushable’ wipes, you can fill up and clog a septic tank quick, and then you’re stuck calling a plumber to clear the septic line back out.

Diapers. Diapers are made from the same material as feminine products. Yet they are bigger and bulkier. They carry unsanitary waste that is hard to break down, because of the diaper itself. Thankfully, aerator pumps can help break down the waste as well as the diaper itself and keep your septic tank running smoothly.

Pills. If you’re looking to clear out your medicine cabinet, then please throw the pills in the garbage can. Medication contains substances that are toxic to plants and animals. Some pills contain chemicals that make it difficult for bacteria to develop and break down the waste. If you’ve poured several pills down the drain over an extended period, then you should apply some septic tank additive to the tank. This will stimulate bacterial development, which is good for the entire system.

Clean Out Your Pockets. Washing machines are often filled all type of items from dental floss to coins. All of these items will completely block up your lint filter over time. The filter will then have to be professionally removed, cleaned, and placed back into the washing machines.