Should I Use a Septic Tank Additive?

Should I Use a Septic Tank Additive?

17th Jul 2017

There are certain products that you must use in order to maintain your septic system. And then there are products which can make your life a little bit easier with a septic system. A septic tank additive is one of these products. You do not have to use one in order to maintain a healthy tank, but it can be beneficial. If you are on the fence about using this product, learning about the benefits it has to offer may help you decide if it is ideal for you to use. Here are a few of the benefits of septic tank additives.

Adds Healthy Bacteria and Enzymes

One of the benefits of a septic tank additive is that it adds healthy bacteria and enzymes back into your septic tank. Most bacteria and enzymes are naturally found in septic tanks, so you do not have to worry about introducing them to the system. However, if you use cleaning products like bleach or antibacterial soap, you can kill these good bacteria. Adding them back in can help maintain your septic tank.

Controls Odors

Another benefit to septic tank additives is that they help control odors in the tank. Septic tanks are not the best smelling things. This is why they are often kept away from the home and out of areas where people tend to dwell in. However, if you don't have much space, yours may be closer to your home than you would like. And when the wind blows in the right direction, you may get a whiff of an unfortunate smell. An additive can help to minimize and reduce these scents.

Helps Break Up Grease and Oil

The last benefit of a septic tank additive is that they can help break up grease and oil. If this is a benefit you are looking for, you will need a chemical additive, not a biological one. A chemical additive helps to break up the fat, oil and grease layer that is present in your tank, reducing the frequency in which you need to get your tank pumped.

Once you have decided that a septic tank additive is something you should be using, you have to decide where to purchase it from. Wexco Septic Safe Products sells products to help you maintain your septic system.