Septic Tank Maintenance Starts in Your Home

Septic Tank Maintenance Starts in Your Home

22nd Jun 2016

If you are like most homeowners, as long as your septic tank isn’t smelly, you give very little thought to it. However, maintaining your septic tank each day is essential to avoiding problems that could cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, septic tank maintenance starts in your home. Our team at Septic Safe wants to help you learn everyday techniques you can use to improve the overall function of your septic tank, which will decrease your chances of needing costly repairs.

Use Septic Safe Cleaning Products

It’s likely that you don’t give a second thought to the cleaning products you use on a daily basis. As long as these products clean your home and fit your budget, you are okay. Unfortunately, this mindset can wreak havoc on your septic tank. Products that contain bleach or chemicals that kill bacteria can negatively impact the strategic balance of bacteria and pathogens in your septic tank, which are needed to ensure your septic tank works as it should. To ensure you aren’t depleting your septic tank’s good bacteria and pathogens, use septic safe cleaning products that work to maintain your septic system.

Septic Safe Soaps and Shampoos Help Maintain Your Septic Tank

Another culprit that can damage your septic tank is shampoo. Shampoos have cleaning agents that can often leave your hair squeaky clean. Unfortunately, those same cleaning agents work to disturb the balance of bacteria in your septic tank. Alternatively, you can purchase septic safe shampoos for your entire family. These shampoos are effective at cleaning your scalp and maintaining the balance of bacteria and pathogens needed for your septic tank to work.

Use Dishwasher Detergent That Consists of Natural Cleaners

Many dishwasher detergents are effective at cleaning your dishes. These products contain chemicals that work to ensure that your dishes are clean and free from bacteria. Although that works great for your dishes, once the water enters your drains, it doesn’t work so well for your septic system. Once the dirty detergent water enters your drains and flows to your tank, the detergent continues to be active, killing much-needed bacteria in your septic tank. You can avoid this problem by using septic safe dishwasher detergent which cleans your dishes naturally. An added bonus to using septic safe dish detergent is the fact that the detergent is all natural, which is great for your family’s health.

At Septic Safe, our goal is to ensure your septic tank is working as it should. Unfortunately, many households are damaging the ecosystem within their septic tank unknowingly by using harsh cleaning chemicals. The best way to avoid this is to use products that are labeled septic safe