Liquid, Powder and Pods OH MY!

7th May 2018


How do you choose what laundry detergent to toss into our shopping cart? Is it the cute stuffed animal snuggling with all those amazingly soft and great smelling towels? Was it on sale or the cheapest? Is your choice the hottest new trend? Or maybe it’s what’s best for the environment?

There are too many variables on how everyone makes their final decision on what laundry detergent to bring home from the store.

In this article, rather than focusing on brands and reasoning behind choice, were going to discuss the 3 different forms of laundry detergents.

What do we need to know about each form, other than they all clean your clothes? Check out these few points on each and share the wisdom.

We all know them: Liquid, Powder and Pods

Let's compare!


Liquid detergents are said to work great on items soiled with oils, grease and food. It can also be used as a spot cleaner unlike the other forms and is pre-dissolved and can be used with any water temperature. Unfortunately, liquid detergents usually have a higher price point than powder detergents and their plastic containers are not eco-friendly.


Powder detergents are usually less expensive compared to liquid and pod detergents. Most powder detergents are packaged in cardboard boxes making it more eco-friendly than others choice of packaging. The downfall with powder detergents is it is hard to dissolve in some water conditions, such a hard water, and can cause clumps of detergent remaining in your load of laundry.


It’s all the rave now a days, they’re convenient, compact and user friendly. The pre-measured amount of liquid detergent is wrapped up in a small gel pack eliminates having to measure with a mess and will dissolve in all water conditions. Downfalls of pods are you will be paying for the convenience; they have the highest price point between the three choices. Pods have also gained a lot of media attention due to the serious health hazards they cause, and are not recommend in households with children. 

                                                So what form will you take, Liquid, Powder or Pod? 

Image Credit: Julie & Heidi, Pete,


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