How To Maintain Your Filtrol160

6th Jul 2018

Your Filtrol160 should last you many amazing, productive years full of filtering fun but only if its maintained as it should be. If your a proud Filtrol160 owner you know it is not one of those set it and forget type products, it requires a little bit of maintenance. Not everything I'm about to mention needs to be done every time you make a visit to your laundry room but it's always good practice to keep them all in mind to ensure your Filtrol160 a long and happy life.  


Now here's an HERE to get a larger version of the very helpful reminder checklist above, print it out and hang it right there next your Filtrol160. You could even go the extra mile and laminate it so you can use a dry erase marker on it. Never forget to check in on your trusted filter again!              

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