How to Keep Your Septic Tank from Freezing Up This Winter

How to Keep Your Septic Tank from Freezing Up This Winter

21st May 2020

Minnesota Winters are cold! They’re even colder when you have to go outside and thaw out your septic tank. This winter, however, you can be prepared for sub-freezing temperatures by using a Safe Septic frost blanket. Below we explain what a frost blanket is and how it works.

What is a Frost Blanket?

Use the term, frost blanket, and most people think of plant covers. Safe Septic, however, utilizes the same concept for septic tanks. A frost blanket is designed to cover and insulate your entire septic system or individual components. It can be used to cover the tank, a drainfield, sewer lines, and other parts. Frost blankets are 6’ x 25’, so they provide plenty of coverage over your entire septic tank?

Do Frost Blankets Actually Work?

When determining the effectiveness of a blanket, we use the R-value scale. The R-value determines how much wind or moisture is allowed to pass through the blanket per inch. The surface R-value of a blanket is 1.5, which is adequate to do the job. The air R-value, however, is 3.34 per inch. This is equivalent to cellulose insulation which is better than fiberglass. Essentially, very little wind can pass through the blanket. This allows it to insulate whatever it is covering.

When to Use Frost Blankets

Rather than wait until freezing temperatures arrive, it’s better to install the blankets before freezing conditions. This will allow the blanket to contain the heat deep in the ground and keep the soil from freezing solid. Your septic tank will be sufficiently insulated. An added feature of frost blankets is that they are waterproof and snowproof. They can hold snow, which will create an added layer of insulation over the tank. No matter what conditions are above ground, your septic tank is covered!

Order Your Frost Blankets from Safe Septic Before Winter

If you believe you are in need of such protection for your septic tank this winter, make sure you order your frost blanket (s) once they are in stock for the season (Between the months of September - November). You will love how well the blankets work and how durable they are. Your blanket will be good to use for several years. You can also visit our website to discover other great products from Safe Septic.