How a Simple Lint Filter Will Save Your Septic Tank

How a Simple Lint Filter Will Save Your Septic Tank

21st May 2020

They say it’s the little things that count. Such is the case with the  Filtrol Washing Machine Lint Filter. This simple addition to your washing machine does wonders to keep tiny particles, lint, hair, and other nasty items from bottlenecking your septic tank. Still not convinced? Then read on:

What are the Culprits?

Although it’s never a good idea to shove any large object down your plumbing system, what really creates the blockage of small objects that multiply and build up over time. Larger filters and even traps have no way of sidelining these particles. They just flow right through. Some examples of these pesky particles include:

●Fibers that refuse to break down (lint from clothing such as nylon or polyester)

●Human and animal hair or animal fur

●Heavily soiled clothing from the garden, construction work, landscaping, etc.

●Construction work residue such as concrete or sheetrock dust

●Factory work residue including welding, iron work, auto mechanics

The Filtrol Lint Filter Saves the Day!

Since these tiny particles are hard to filter out, you’ll need a smaller filter that is durable and can handle high water pressure coming from a washing machine. The solution is the Filtrol lint filter. It stops tiny objects such as dirt, metal shavings, concrete crumbs, and other hardcore but tiny items.

By eliminating the flow of these contaminants, it reduces the amount of work that a septic tank has to put out in order to flush everything completely out. The result is a septic tank that lasts longer and perform better year after year. You’ll enjoy saving money from reduced repairs and maintenance. The Safe Septic Filtrol lint filter can also help prevent the hassle of replacing the septic tank.

How Often Should You Change the Filters?

Although some filters such as the effluent filter are built into a system, the Filtrol filter is a stand alone filter that can easily be changed. We recommend replacing the filter every one to two years. With regular cleaning (every 8-10 loads), you should get good use out of the filter until you have to replace it.

Safe Septic Offers The Filtrol Lint Filter

If you are looking for a reliable filter that you can depend on to keep your septic tank safe, then invest in the Filtrol washing machine lint filter today. You will love how well it works in your plumbing system. You can find it here or visit our website at