Greener Waste Disposal with Wexco Septic Safe Products

30th Oct 2015

Many people ask, “Why waste money on a septic tank if nothing is wrong with it?” Unfortunately, here can be plenty wrong with your septic tank and you probably won't know it until disaster strikes. When that happens, not only will it be a huge and unpleasant mess, but it will be very expensive to clean up as well. So, prevention is a major reason to take care of your septic tank.

Protect Your Property & the Environment

Two more big reasons to keep your septic tank in good condition is to protect the environment and the quality and health of the land you live on. If you are a homeowner, chances are you expect your investment to benefit you for much of your life- if not the rest of it- and your children's and grand children's lives for many generations. What parent doesn't want to provide that kind of lasting value to their kids?

The contents of a leaky or compromised septic tank can slowly and imperceptibly leak into the soil and groundwater for years until possibly reaching the point that your home is no longer a safe and pleasant place to live. On top of that, should a dramatic failure occur after years of leaching, the cost (including fines in some areas) and hazard can, in some cases, make it too expensive to keep your home.

Enjoy Safe Septics with Septic Safe Products from Wexco

With the many septic maintenance and improvement products on offer at Wexco, you can help ensure your home remains a safe and sanitary place to live for you and your family for many years to come. Here are just a few of the products Wexco carries.

Septic Tank Additive

Wexco's Septic Additive introduces a bacterial colony to your septic system which safely dissolves waste material in your tank, extending its life for decades, and it extremely efficient. One small bag equals a one year supply!

6' X 25' Frost Blanket

Freezing winter conditions are a leading cause of septic tank and pipe failure. Prevent catastrophic damage to septic tanks, sewer lines, and drainfields during the winter freeze.

Dekorra Rock Model

Septic tank risers and lids are an eyesore and can be a safety hazard. Artificial decorative rocks from Dekorra are a great way to cover those unsightly septic access ports. Also, should children, animals or anyone else run into or trip, the artificial rocks are less likely to cause injury.

Filtrol 160 Lint Filter

Lint and other non-biodegradable materials from washing machines can build up and clog the pipes leading to and from your septic tank- and they do not decompose. The Filtrol washing machine filter prevents non-biodegradable materials from clogging and causing your tank to need early service.

Call, or click Wexco today and find out how your tank can be made to keep your property clean and safe for generations!