FAQs About Septic Tank Aerators

FAQs About Septic Tank Aerators

21st May 2020

If you are looking to install a new septic tank or have moved into a home with a septic tank, you may be looking to learn more about septic tank aerators. Get the answers you are looking for so you can make sure your septic system is running smoothly. Below we provide you with in-depth information about septic tank aerators, an often overlooked portion of the septic system!

What is a Septic Tank Aerator?

An aerator helps to push air into your septic system. Research has shown that when the air is introduced into the septic system, the air helps to break up waste faster. It also helps to give the good bacteria in your tank air that they need to survive, help them to thrive, and break up waste quickly. An aerator system is composed of a pump that draws air in from outside and pumps it inside through tubes that lead down into the tank.

What Are the Benefits of a Septic Tank Aeration System?

The biggest benefit to a septic tank aeration system is that studies have shown aeration can help break up waste up to 20 times faster than good bacteria alone. All in all, this means that you will have to pump your tank less frequently and you will need a smaller size leech field for your tank. This makes having a septic system on a smaller piece of property an option.

How Do I Maintain My Septic Tank Aeration System?

When you have an aeration system, you still need to pump your tank, introduce additives and be mindful of what items you send into the tank. In addition to routine care, you need to change out the aerator as needed. The lifespan of your aerator will vary based on the size of the aerator, the frequency with which it is used, the size of your tank and what elements the aerator is exposed to. Most pumps last anywhere from two to five years before they need to be replaced. You can either replace the pump on your own by purchasing a pump or hire a professional to do so for you.

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