Effluent Filters: Your Septic Tank’s First Line of Defense

Effluent Filters: Your Septic Tank’s First Line of Defense

6th Oct 2017

Septic Safe effluent filters are perfect for your residential or commercial septic tank system. We offer all types of filters that can fit on a wide variety of models. Let’s explore what these components are and exactly how they work. 

Your Property’s Septic Tank

The septic tank in your home or business is comprised of a large concrete or hard plastic container. In most cases, these containers are buried in the ground far enough down to store and treat wastewater. When the tank and the system are working properly, solid waste breaks down before it is flushed onto the drainfield where it will naturally degrade.

Why are Effluent Filters Installed in Septic Tanks?

Septic Safe effluent filters are specially designed to fit into a vertical pipe that is attached to the opening at the end of the tank. By implementing this part, you can prevent the solids inside the tank from escaping before they have broken down. As long as the solids stay in the unit, they will not clog up the entire septic system.

What are the Benefits of a Septic Safe Filter?

The are several benefits to installing an effluent filter in your system:

●Improved flow control by using a ball that completely blocks the opening when the filter is being cleaned

●It is easy to install in both new and old tanks.

●There are no extra parts to purchase and no glueing to the pipes required

●Improved filtration is possible because of the modular design.

●Will work with all types of piping material including PVC

●You can choose from a filter seal or pipe adapter

Reduce Your Septic Tank Repair Costs

Our Polylok Effluent Filter is a cost-effective and powerful tool that saves home and business owners thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs annually. When solids are allowed to pass through the septic system, they can cause corrosion in the pipes and other components by settling in the bottom. The end result is a failed system that could cost up to $25,000 to replace.

Septic Safe Can Protect Your Septic Tank

At Septic Safe, we have the solutions that you are looking for to keep your entire plumbing system in good condition. Check out our website to discover all the products that can help you maintain your septic tank. You can also call us at 888-983-2447.

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