Do Septic Safe Cleaning Products Clean As Well as Non Septic Safe Versions?

Do Septic Safe Cleaning Products Clean As Well as Non Septic Safe Versions?

21st May 2020

When you have a septic system, it is important to use septic safe products. This includes septic safe toilet paper, soaps, shampoos, dish detergents and cleaning products. Septic tanks hold bacteria inside of them. This bacteria helps to break down waste inside of the tank. If you use products that are not safe for septic systems, you could kill this bacteria. This can cause your tank to get full faster and have to pay for costly pumpings and cleanings more frequently. However, if you have never had a tank before, you may have many questions about septic safe cleaning products. Here are a few of the questions you may have about septic safe cleaning products.

What Differentiates a Septic Safe Cleaning Product and a Non Septic Safe Cleaning Product?

A septic safe cleaning product does not contain chemicals that can be harmful to the septic tank, the bacteria in the septic tank or your septic leach field. For example, septic safe products do not contain phosphates, which can cause harmful algal blooms in the tank or field. They do not contain bleach, which can kill good bacteria. They do not contain petroleum, which can be harmful to the bacteria, your pipes and the tank itself and they are biodegradable, helping them to break down in the tank and leach field.

Do Septic Safe Cleaning Products Clean As Well As Non Septic Safe Products?

As a general rule of thumb, septic safe cleaning products do clean as well as non septic safe products. However, each and every product is different. You may find one product simply do not work for your needs. And you may find that you prefer another septic safe product over a non septic safe product. Trial and error will help you find your preferred septic safe cleaning products.

Where Do I Find Septic Safe Cleaning Products?

You can find septic safe cleaning products in a variety of places. Many big box retailers are starting to carry limited types of septic safe cleaning products, as are home improvement stores. For the best selection, check out websites of companies who specialize in septic safe products.