6 Warning Signs Your Septic Tank Needs  Maintenance

6 Warning Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Maintenance

16th Sep 2016

Septic systems thrive when they are well-maintained, but even the best cared for system will eventually need to be pumped out or even replaced. Check out these symptoms of system failure to see if yours needs a serious look over. 

1. Water Pools or Soggy Grass: If your backyard is slowly turning into a swamp, you may have a full septic tank. The most likely area you’ll see this occur is in your drain field. Over time, the field can become clogged with solid waste particles which leave no space for waste water to drain away. Thus, swamp yard.

2. Slow Drains: If drains throughout your home are consistently slow as they drain and augers aren’t doing you any favors, it may be your septic system. Avoid using commercial drain cleaners, as these can often damage septic systems. Likewise, be mindful of what cleaning products you use in your system and aim for septic safe cleaning products.

3. Gurgling Water: Another telltale sign of trouble is gurgling noises emanating from flushing toilets or running faucets. This can point to other issues, like a clogged vent pipe, but can also indicate a full tank or drain field. 

4. Ultra Green Grass: Grass above your drain field should normally be indistinguishable from the rest of your lawn. If you notice that the grass in that area exuberantly growing a brighter, more lush lawn, you may be experiencing a septic tank failure of some kind. 

5. Backing Up: This will first be noticed when you drain large concentrations of water; for example, backups may happen when the washing machine, dishwasher, or bathtub drain. A full septic tank or damaged drain field will not be able to handle the influx of water and will start to push it back up through the other drains in the house. 

6. Odors and Sewage: These are both pretty obvious signs something has gone awry and should spur immediate action. Odors can occur indoors or outside near the drain field. Septic system issues aren’t always a full tank; improper maintenance can impact the health of a septic system and rapidly erode its ability to absorb waste. The warning signs above point to significant issues, typically a full tank or drain field. Caring for your tank between pumping by using septic safe products and not disposing of inappropriate things down your drain is the best way to keep the pump truck at bay.