10 Ways To Show Your Love For Clean Water On Earth Day!

10 Ways To Show Your Love For Clean Water On Earth Day!

21st May 2020

It's almost here,Earth Day is April 22nd, 2018! Why not celebrate it by doing a few things to ensure your doing something great for the planet we all call home. Water is our main resource, so lets make sure were keeping it clean! Help make a huge impact on the world of water by trying out some of the suggestions below.       

                  10 Simple and Easy Ways You Can Help Keep Our Waters Clean

1. "No Straw Please". Straws make up 7% of ocean pollution. If needed, stainless steel, glass, reusable plastic and paper are just some other options to consider.  

2. Pass On Plastic Bottles. Always keep your reusable water bottle or mug with you at all times. When possible use your personal container for water and other liquids.

3. Paper or Plastic? Use reusable shopping bags made from paper or cloth. Plastic bags in waterways looks like food to marine life and causing death.

4. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! Make sure to throw all those recyclables (plastic/glass and aluminium) into the blue bin. Look for the  symbol on the item your about to toss. 

5. Pick It Up. Whether you see it on the shore line or on the street, litter belongs in the trash, be more thoughtful  than the one that put it there.

6. Buy Eco-Friendly. Try to buy products that are eco-friendly, there are many brands that are strictly eco-friendly and many brands have eco-friendly versions of their products. 

7. Only Order What You Can Eat. Styrofoam To-Go boxes can release harmful toxins into your food and the environment.

8. Skip The 6 Pack. It is estimated hundreds of thousands of sea animals die each year from plastic entanglement.

9. Install A Microfiber Lint Filter On Your Washing Machine. Wastewater from your washing machine contains thousands of tiny microfibers that contributes to the 64,000 pounds of microfibers dumped in natural water ways, DAILY!

10. Donate. You can donate to one of the many non-profit organizations that are fighting to end plastic pollution. 

                                                HAPPY EARTH DAY!