What Is UV Disinfection?

17th Sep 2018

An ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system transfers electromagnetic energy from a mercury arc lamp to an organism's genetic material. When UV radiation penetrates the cell wall of an organism, it destro … read more

Prepare Your Septic System for Winter

6th Sep 2018

                                                        … read more

Top 4 Laundry Myths Unmasked

26th Jul 2018

If you have been doing laundry for many...many years, like myself, you probably have heard of at least one, if not all of the myths I'm about to list off. I will admit, I have fallen victim to believi … read more

Have A Unique Laundry Room?

16th Jul 2018

Your laundry room is very unique in its own beautiful special way and don't let anyone else ever tell you different. In all seriousness, most people could say that their laundry room is not identic … read more

How To Maintain Your Filtrol160

6th Jul 2018

Your Filtrol160 should last you many amazing, productive years full of filtering fun but only if its maintained as it should be. If your a proud Filtrol160 owner you know it is not one of those set it … read more

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