(2) Pack - Frost Blankets 6' x 25'

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(2) Pack - Frost Blankets 6' x 25'

Includes (2)- 6' x 25' Frost Blankets

Frost blankets can be used for insulating over septic tanks, drainfields, and sewer lines to help prevent frost from building in the soil. Most users install their frost blankets black side up making it possible to absorb heat from the sun, preventing the frost from driving down. Additional uses for the frost blankets : Perennial flower gardens, rose gardens, vegetable gardens, shrubs.

If they are installed prior to freezing conditions, they trap the heat of the soil and reduce freezing problems associated with frost. Waterproof, it sheds late fall rain and holds snow for added insulation. Each blanket is 6' wide and 25' long.  The blankets have a surface R value of 1.5 and an air space R value of 3.43.


If you happen to have ordered more frost blankets than needed, all UNOPENED blankets can be returned for a refund within 90 days  from the day you received the product, shipping fee's not included.  Blanket (s) must be in same condition it was when received and proof of purchase required. 

 -If you are unable to return the item in person to our office location, you can bring it to a carrier of your choice (SpeeDee is fairly reasonable for large items if you are located within their shipping territory) and have a label created and addressed to: 
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