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Microfiber Filter


Why use a Filtrol 160?                                                                                            

   Image: Magnified Microfibers

The Filtrol 160 dramatically reduces the amount of microfibers being released by your washing machines discharge. According to recent studies, wastewater treatment plants remove approximately 65-92% of microfibers from wastewater effluents. This means a high number of microfibers are able to bypass the filtering process and enter into the environment.  These non - biodegradable fibers can accumulate to thousands of pounds entering surface waters daily across the world.

The Filtrol 160 can be used by almost anyone. Whether you live in a rural area and use a septic system or in a city using public sewer, the Filtrol 160 can benefit both lifestyles.

  • For those on septic systems: Septic systems use the soil to treat and filter out contaminates. If the soil becomes clogged with damaging fibers like microfiber lint, it can lead to premature septic system and drainfield failure.The Filtrol 160 will help remove these fibers, therefore prolonging the life of your septic system and drainfield. 
  • For those on public sewage : The Filtrol 160 will help prevent your drain pipes from clogging with washing machine lint. Lint is one of the leading causes of drain pipe blockage and can cost hundreds of dollars just to remove the obstruction in the pipe. Using the Filtrol 160 will also be helping your local wastewater plant remove microfibers.
  • The Filtrol 160 also removes: Hair, Pet fur, Dirt particles, Concrete dust, Metal shavings, and Sand.
  • The Filtrol 160 are commonly used by: Homeowners, Pet owners, Salons, Institutions, Hospitals, Assisted Living, Apartment Complexes, Contractors, and many more.  

To compound the problem, much of our clothing and carpeting is now manufactured with non - biodegradable fibers, like microfibers, and particles such as synthetics, polyester, nylon, spandex, rayon, etc. Once these non-organic materials are released into wastewater treatment systems, they are very difficult to remove. More and more microfibers are being found in water ways and being ingested by sea life each day. Using the Filtrol 160 can significantly reduce the amount of microfibers you released back into the environment. 

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