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Filtrol 160 Lint Filter - with 1 Filter Bag, and 1 Replacement Bag (Recommended)

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  • The original Filtrol 160 washing machine filter.  Wexco is the exclusive distributor for the patented Filtrol 160, the only true washing machine filter designed for washing machines on the market.
  • The original Filtrol 160 washing machine filter.  Wexco is the exclusive distributor for the patented Filtrol 160, the only true washing machine filter designed for washing machines on the market.
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  • Filtrol 160 Washing machine filter components.
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 Product Description

The Filtrol 160 washing machine lint filter removes non-biodegradable fibers from your washing machine discharge which is the leading cause of septic system and drainfield failure.  It also is an effective tool for reducing sewer line plugging for those who are on city sewer.   Wexco is the exclusive distributor for the patented Filtrol 160, the only true washing machine filter designed for washing machines on the market.

The Filtrol 160™ is a patented, re-useable filter that attaches to your washing machine discharge hose and removes the non-biodegradable fibers like polyester and nylon, sand, hair and pet fur before they go down the drain and plug your septic system and drainpipes. Even Laundromats and government facilities are using the Filtrol 160™.

This product is now being used by and/or recommended by · Universities · State Water Quality Agencies · Professional Contractors · Homeowners · Laundromats · Engineering and Consulting Firms · Entire Communities and Neighborhoods · Environmental Agencies · Mobile Home Parks · Some Government Agencies have stated "This product is long overdue" and would like to make the Filtrol 160™ a code requirement! Why? Because it works!

  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Removing the lid on the Filtrol 160™ - The lid pulls off, it is not threaded. Disconnect the clips from the lid and remove the canister from the wall bracket; place the palm of your hand on top of the lid and your fingers over the edge of the lid, with pressure on your fingers pull up on the edge of the lid. Do not pull up on the lip around the canister; this is part of the canister not part of the lid. When lid has been removed, you can apply a silicone type lubricant to the O-ring for ease of removing the lid in the future. 

  • Lid is stuck; cannot remove it, what can I do -  Using a screwdriver lightly lift on the lid at the indentation on either side of where the lid clips are located, do this on both sides of the lid to loosen the lid. Do Not force or use alot of pressure to prevent breaking the lid
  • What is included with the Filtrol 160™ - It comes with a filter bag (this model comes with two filter bags),  5 feet of hose, 2 clamps, 1 inch threaded x 1 inch barbed elbow fitting, 1 inch threaded x 1 inch barbed straight fitting and a mounting bracket for easy installation (you supply the 2 screws that hold the bracket on the wall). Most homeowners can install the unit in 10-15 minutes.

  • Tell me about the filter bag - The bag is a 200 micron filter. It is a re-usable filter bag and should be cleaned out over a garbage container every 1-3 weeks and will last 1-2 years. It will depend on the number of loads you wash and how much lint and dirt goes into the filter bag.  Replacement bags are $12.95 and can be ordered on SepticSafe.com. Most customers prefer to order an additional bag to save on shipping charges.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • How big is the Filtrol 160™ - Measurements of the Filtrol 160 Lint Filter : 12.25 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide by 8 inces deep - these measurements do not include the discharge hose from the washing machine or the discharge hose from the Filtrol 160 itself.                             

  • My washing machine hose is not the same size as needed for the  Filtrol 160™ - Available on SepticSafe.com are two Connector Adapter Kits, 1 1/4" and 3/4" are the sizes.  


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These are examples of typical installations, however, because not all laundry rooms are the same you may have to modify your set-up.

The main things you will want to take into consideration when installing your Filtrol-160™ will be:

 · Location You will not want to install the Filtrol 160™ under a low hanging cabinet. This could interfere with the removal of the filter for cleaning. You will need to have a minimum of 24 inches to be able to remove the canister from the wall mounted bracket, and still have proper drainage.  If possible, the top of the Filtrol-160™ should not exceed 60 inches. Discharge hose can be routed to a standpipe, wallbox or laundry tub (figures 1 & 2).

 · Discharge Hose If existing discharge hose is brittle, split or the wrong size, it should be replaced with 1" ID hose (supplied). Note: On some washing machines (General Electric, for example) you may need to also order the Connector Adapter Kit to attach the new hose. The kit can be found on SepticSafe.com under the Filters tab. On most machines the new hose will easily attach to the fitting that protrudes from the back. Be aware that some machines will discharge 2-3 cups of water when hose is removed.

 · Attachment When attaching bracket to the wall, screws should be driven into a stud (see figure 3). The Filtrol 160™ will become extremely heavy when it is full of water. If drilling into plaster or drywall and you can not locate a stud, expander bolts, or toggle bolts, should be used. Hint: First attach the bracket to a 3/4 inch thick piece of plywood, then attach the plywood to the wall.

 · Cleaning - Frequency of cleaning the filter will depend on the types and amounts of materials being laundered. In most cases the filter will need to be cleaned every 10-15 washloads. Clean filter often for best results.

 · Caution Always unplug washing machine before moving it or performing any type of service.


The Filtrol 160™ comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. If after using the Filtrol 160™ for 3 months, you don’t think it is protecting your system, send it back for a full refund. Most people, after seeing how well it works, begin recommending it or giving them as gifts to their friends and neighbors, after all, the only thing worse than having a failed system is living next door to one. We have even received letters from people saying that after using this filter (and stopping the constant assault of material fibers) their sluggish and failed systems have started working again.


 Warranty Information

There is a 90 day warranty on this product.

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 Product Reviews

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  1. great product

    Posted by Tamara Bock on 18th Apr 2017

    This product is awesome.... I did not realize how much lint and debris comes out of the washer. My washer is located in the basement and I was always having slow draining problems and now I can see that debris could have easily be contributing to the problem.

  2. Easy, and effective

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Mar 2017

    Easy to install, and it works, not much to say, much better than the old ones you zip to the line.

  3. This will save us money, inconvenience, and time.

    Posted by Bill Styler on 18th Feb 2017

    After searching several places, finding the Wexco site was a relief. Even more relief came after I installed the Filtrol 160 and saw it work! Excellent, sturdy product, simple to maintain.

  4. so far so good

    Posted by JB on 15th Feb 2017

    We found this product because the old home we bought has old pipes and the pipe backed up on us. It took a weekend to unplug it. Hoping this will belp prevent it from occurring again.

  5. easy peasy

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Oct 2016

    Easy to install. Easy to empty.

  6. Excellent filter

    Posted by Al on 12th Oct 2016

    Filter works very well at removing fiber, lint etc

  7. Works As Described

    Posted by John on 26th Sep 2016

    It took a little longer to install that expected because you are supposed to install it directly above the drain pipe. Well, I had a shelf in the way. You must also screw it into a stud. Well, there is no stud above the drain pipe. So I moved the shelf and installed a piece of plywood across two studs to get it installed correctly. Then I tried to remove the lid and couldn't as some people mentioned, but I just read the instructions to pull the lid, not unscrew it. It's big, too. Anyway, recently I have been waiting for the draining cycles at times to see what I catch, and I always catch plenty of lint and dirt.

  8. Well built, easy install

    Posted by Brandon on 12th Sep 2016

    I bought this filter to help clean out the wash-machine lint/debris before it gets to my sump and drain field. It seems to be working well. After running a clean cycle on the wash machine and a few loads, i am able to see the results and what would have ended up in my system.

    Install was straight forward. The only thing i ended up running out to get is silicone lubricant for the O-Ring. before installing.

    So far, i am pleased with my purchase and the results.

    I spoke with Wexco Customer Service before-hand to ask a few questions and the lady i spoke with was knowledgable and friendly. Seemed like a good company, and that sealed the deal on my purchase!

  9. Old house with iron pipe drains

    Posted by Mike on 6th Sep 2016

    I have a house built in the 1950's with iron pipe drains that are encased in the slab floor. You can imagine what shape they are in after all these years. Not good would be an understatement. It seems that every time I went to do laundry, I'd spend the next few days unclogging the drains. The laundry drain and the kitchen and bathroom sinks are all on the same pipe. Thankfully the toilet and shower are on another branch.

    After much plunging and use of caustic drain cleaners (which I hate to use), it dawned on me that the problem was lint and pet hair from my always shedding dog. I installed the filter and was astonished to find a ball of lint/hair about the size of a tennis ball after only 5 loads. No wonder my drains would clog!

    The rough interiors of my old iron pipe drains must grab onto the debris and just won't let go.

    I still have some work to do as my flow rate out of the sink drain is only about 2 gpm, and the washer wants to have about 4-5 gpm, but I'll get there. This filter is a good thing for those of us that have old drains even if you are not a septic tank.

  10. Glad I found this!

    Posted by RENE on 5th Aug 2016

    I own a 1950s home with the laundry water going into a sump pit and wanted an efficient way to catch lint and pet hair. When I saw this I knew it would work.

    As directed I mounted the filter housing ring on a piece of wood and decided where best to hang it for the washing machine drain pump (I wanted the hose to come into the filter from slightly above) and for ease of cleaning (for me, it is as easy as reaching on a shelf)

    I have a new Maytag machine with a tapered small diameter drain hose. The rubber hose supplied with the filter fit over this. I then clamped it securely, measured and cut the rubber hose and connected it to the top of the filter housing and clamped it. The other half of the rubber hose is connected to the bottom of the filter housing and drains into the standpipe to the sump pit.

    The filter bag catches a lot of debris and is easy to clean. The tip about using silicone lubricant on the O ring is on target. The lid pops up after opening the latches and it does not take a lot of pressure to push it down and close the latches. This is also a very well made, solid unit and looks like it will last for years.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 22 | Next

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