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Are Scented Products Safe For Septic Systems?


If you have a septic system, you need to be aware of the products that you are placing in your septic system. Many regular products contain ingredients that are harmful to your septic system. These products may encourage the growth of algae, kill the good bacteria, or have chemicals that can damage the tank and shorten its lifespan. As such, it is highly recommended that you do your research and learn about which products you cannot use in a tank. One key item to remember is to look for the septic safe label on your products. One of the questions that people frequently asked about septic system safe products is whether scented products are safe for septic systems.

Are Scented Products Safe for Use in a Septic System?

Many products that end up in a septic system may be scented. This includes body washes, shampoos, hand soaps and cleaning products. The chemicals used to create these scents, such as pine, lemon or strawberry, are generally safe to use in a septic system. This means that you can have septic safe products that are scented.

What Scented Products Should I Avoid Using in a Septic System?

When you are looking to purchase products, you want to avoid products that may be harmful to your septic tank. The scent itself may not be harmful to the septic system but, the ingredients used to create the scent and the product may harm your system. For example, scented hand soaps are okay to use, but you should avoid antibacterial hand soaps. Antibacterial soaps contain rubbing alcohol and other ingredients that can kill the good bacteria in your tank. You can use a scented dishwasher detergent, as long as you find one free of phosphorous. Phosphorous can damage your tank has the potential to damage your tank. It can bleed through your septic drain field and into natural water sources, killing fish and plants.

You should, on the other hand, stay away from products that contain ammonia or bleach, regardless of what scent they are. Both ammonia and bleach can be damaging to your pipes and septic tank, shortening the overall lifespan. Because of this, you should be paying close attention to the ingredients contained in items you send down your drain, rather than the scent of those items. Keeping your septic tank healthy can expand its lifetime saving you money down the line!

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