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What is a Septic Tank Additive and How Does it Work?


Septic systems utilize naturally developing bacteria that currently inhabits wastewater. Home or business owners that utilize their septic system in a certain way, can harm these helpful bacteria, thereby, rendering them ineffective in the tank. Septic Safe tank additive can protect the bacteria in your entire septic system and help the waste break down as it should.

Substances that are Harmful to Bacteria

Everyday household items that are commonly poured or flushed down the drain are some of the greatest inhibitors to good bacteria growth. These chemically-based liquids, interact destroy bacteria. The result is septic tank filled with solids that eventually clog up the system. Some of these substances including anti-bacterial soaps and cleansers, industry-grade chemicals, and all types of bleach. We’ve also discovered that large doses of medication flushed down the drain can reduce bacteria population in a relatively short period.

How do Our Additives Work?

To solve this dilemma, we recommend using CCLS Septic Tank & Cesspool Additive This amazing product keeps the septic system running properly and helps break down solids where it’s needed most. You’ll notice a difference in your tank, plumbing lines, drains, and traps. CCLS is made from natural bacteria and enzymes, which break down organic buildup. It won’t corrode, combust, and it is fully biodegradable. It is also completely safe to use in garbage disposals.

Grease Trap Additive

In addition to our septic tank additive, we recommend that you also try DrainMaster Concentrated Drain Cleaner. The drain cleaner has the same effect on grease as the septic additive as on chemicals. Since the majority of grease traps do not contain natural bacteria, the additive can supplement the bacteria and go to work to break down the grease as well as reduce the bad odors that linger in grease traps. All you have to do is add warm water when pouring it down the drain. It only takes a few applications for the additive to work in your grease trap.

Septic Safe Can Keep Your Plumbing Clean

Septic Safe products are specially designed to help your entire plumbing system flow smoothly from drain to septic tank. Both our Septic Safe tank additive and our DrainMaster Concentrated Drain Cleaner will remove all the harmful substances that inhibit bacterial growth. This will allow the good bacteria to keep the tank and system flowing freely with no blockage. You can order your septic products on our website, or call us at 888-983-2447. We answer your questions and send your product to you today!

How Designer Septic Tank Covers will Solve all Your Problems

You finally got your new septic tank installed, and it’s working perfectly. There’s only one problem. The cover is an eyesore and is ruining your landscaping design. Don’t worry because we have the solution. Check out our designer septic tank covers. We have a variety of nature-inspired covers that will work perfectly in almost any home or business setting.Septic Covers Complete [...]

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Effluent Filters: Your Septic Tank’s First Line of Defense

Septic Safe effluent filters are perfect for your residential or commercial septic tank system. We offer all types of filters that can fit on a wide variety of models. Let’s explore what these components are and exactly how they work. Your Property’s Septic TankThe septic tank in your home or business is comprised of a large concrete or hard plastic container. [...]

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The Septic Tank Do Not Flush Checklist

Some things were simply not designed to go into your septic tank. To go one step further, some items will downright destroy your septic tank and cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Below is our checklist of items that should never be flushed down the toilet. These items will only clog up or hurt your septic tank.Feminine Products. Regardless [...]

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How to Keep Your Septic Tank from Freezing Up This Winter

Minnesota Winters are cold! They’re even colder when you have to go outside and thaw out your septic tank. This winter, however, you can be prepared for sub-freezing temperatures by using a Safe Septic frost blanket. Below we explain what a frost blanket is and how it works.What is a Frost Blanket?Use the term, frost blanket, and most people think of [...]

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How a Simple Lint Filter Will Save Your Septic Tank

They say it’s the little things that count. Such is the case with the Septic Safe Filtrol 160 Washing Machine Lint Filter. This simple addition to your washing machine does wonders to keep tiny particles, lint, hair, and other nasty items from bottlenecking your septic tank. Still not convinced? Then read on:What are the Culprits?Although it’s never a good idea [...]

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Understanding Septic Tank Covers vs. Risers

If you have a septic tank, odds are, it is buried in your front or backyard. A septic tank cover can help you identify where the tank is located, making it easier to identify when you need to clean the tank or add additives to it. If you have never heard of a septic tank cover or riser before, [...]

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FAQs About Septic Tank Aerators

If you are looking to install a new septic tank or have moved into a home with a septic tank, you may be looking to learn more about septic tank aerators. Get the answers you are looking for so you can make sure your septic system is running smoothly. Below we provide you with in-depth information about septic tank [...]

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Are Scented Products Safe For Septic Systems?

If you have a septic system, you need to be aware of the products that you are placing in your septic system. Many regular products contain ingredients that are harmful to your septic system. These products may encourage the growth of algae, kill the good bacteria, or have chemicals that can damage the tank and shorten its lifespan. As such, [...]

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Tips for Picking the Best Septic-Safe Products

You cannot use the same products in a septic system that you can when you are on a sewer system. This is because many of those products can cause your septic tank to degrade, harm your leach field, or clog or fill the tank up. Over the past decade, more manufacturers have become aware of the demand for septic-safe [...]

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