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When Should You Not Have a Septic System Pumped?


Your septic tank should be pumped at regular intervals to prevent the tank from becoming too full and overflowing. However, there are times when you may want to put off that regularly scheduled pumping schedule. Here are three situations in which you should not have your tank pumped and the reasoning for not having it pumped.

When The Area Around Your Home is Flooded or the Potential for Flooding Exists

If the area around your home is flooded, or may flood soon due to heavy rain at the time, you may want to put off having your septic system pumped. When your tank has sludge and waste in it, it is heavier. This helps to ground the tank should flooding occur. This can prevent it from floating away or shifting during a flood. Additionally, the excess waste in the tank helps to prevent mud, sludge and silt from coming through the pipes during periods of flooding. If you live in a flood prone area, you may want to ensure your tank is pumped well before the rainy season hits. This ensures there is some waste in the tank to prevent problems that may occur with flooding and an empty tank, while ensuring the tank is not so full that it will need to be pumped during this crucial time period.

If the Septic Tank is Old and the Condition is Unknown

If you have moved into an older home, you may want to pump the septic tank so you can start fresh with your septic system. However, you should never do this until you have the septic system inspected. If there are cracks or imperfections, you can actually cause the septic tank to collapse if you pump it before those problems are addressed. Take the time to have the system fully inspected before you have it pumped and tended to.

Before You Are Having a Septic Inspection and Test Done

Speaking of having a septic inspection done, it is recommended that you have your system inspected and tested for leaks every two to five years, depending on the age and condition of your tank. Prior to this inspection, you should avoid having your tank pumped. It is harder to test and look for leaks in an empty tank, as waste won't be slowly seeping out. Put off your pumping until after the testing, and any necessary repairs, are made.

Following the correct maintenance protocol when it comes to your septic tank can help ensure your tank has a long life. Using the correct septic system products can also help to extend the lifespan of tank. Wexco Septic Safe Products sells products that are safe for your septic system as well as the environmentally-friendly. Visit our website at http://www.septicsafe.com/ to learn more about our company and products.

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